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Tummy Tuck Scar Revision

After she had a full body lift – a 360 degree lift – she was left with several different types of scars; hypopigmented, hyperpigmented, hypotrophic and hypertrophic.  We did several different methods of scar revision and her results after 2 sessions were pretty amazing.

Her husband said, “Wow!  That sh!t really works!”  Yes, Mike, it does.

Lip Scar Revision

Steve thought he had a cold sore.  It was basal cell carcinoma.  After his MOHs surgery his lip was tight, painful, and didn’t allow him to drink from a cup or glass.  First we did scar revision to soften the scar.  That was followed by dermal fillers.  The final step was micropigmentation to balance his lip color.  

He loves his new scar-free lip and especially likes not dribbling coffee down his chin in the morning.

Laser Burn Scars

Lasers can be fabulous.  But they can also cause burns for some people.

Anita decided she wanted some . . . body art.  Something about a blue bird with ‘free as a bird’ written around it.  As soon as she got it she knew it was a mistake so she went for laser removal.  The laser removal caused her skin to bubble up and scar.  First she had the embarrassment of the tattoo.  Then she had to tell people the story of the tattoo and the scar.  Worst, she was too ashamed of the scar to wear anything sleeveless.

Scar Revision to the rescue.  The After photo was taken after 2 sessions of Scar Revision and just before her third session.  We’re guessing she’s out there living her best life as we haven’t seen her back.

We count that as a success.

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Abdominal Scar Revision

This one was tough.  Heidi was a personal trainer who had lost a lot of weight and went in for a tummy tuck.  

As many people of color do – she was 75% African American – she hyperpigmented in some areas.  

With cases like these we have to be super careful not to exacerbate the hyperpigmentation, but after just 2 sessions her scar was both lighter and smoother.

Mastectomy Scar Revision

The Scars from mastectomies can be a terrible reminder of breast cancer.  Improving mastectomy scars is where I started and put in the majority of my clinical study.  

If you provide areola repigmentation for your breast cancer clients having this as part of your treatment protocol can be a huge boost to these women.  

The fewer reminders they have of breast cancer the sooner they see and feel themselves as healthy, whole, and complete.

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Millions of people have scars - and have thought there was nothing that could be done for them. This could be a great addition to your service menu; you could impact thousands of lives and earn well doing so.

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