Medical Professionals, Permanent Make-Up Artists, Master Aestheticians:

Scar Revision Is One Of The Most Rewarding Services You Can Offer

In as little as six weeks you could have the training to work with the medical profession, help people regain lost confidence, and earn well providing Scar Revision Services.


Between 50 and 80 Million new surgical scars are created each year. Even more scars are created through accidents and injuries.

But very few people are doing Scar Revision.  Have you even heard of anyone? 
Do you know of anyone?  No?

Amazing people are losing half their lives – half their potential – to scars,
and no one is helping them.  They may not even know that there is help for their scars.

Every time they answer the question, “How did you get your scar?” they have to relive whatever caused the scar – the accident, the surgery, the cancer, the abuse . . .

These scars can destroy the confidence of even the most secure and accomplished among us.
Some scars occur as a result of life saving procedures, but they also occur from accidents, or worse, abuse.  The body can turn on itself, creating acne that leaves severe facial scarring.
Healthy skin functions seamlessly to repair life’s little scrapes and scratches. But what happens when the damage is more severe, due to surgery, deep puncture wounds, chemical burns, burns from extreme heat or fire?

Until now, there have been very few solutions that did not involve more surgery or strong laser sessions . . . 

Woman looking sad

The negative emotional impact of scars:

Angry man with scars
Anger and Frustration

You feel angry, you feel like you are being judged, not because of who you are, but because of your scar.

Shame and hiding scar
Embarrassment and Shame

You feel like everyone is looking at your scar.  You do your best to hide it but you feel ashamed about the way you look.

Sadness and Depression
Sadness and Depression

Your scars can make you unsociable, impacting your personal relationships, work life and even things you used to enjoy.

Fear and Isolation
Fear and Isolation

Your surgery saved your life – but it left you feeling like no one will ever love you again, or want you again, because of your scars.


The physical problems with scars:

  • Scars create internal adhesions that act as straight jackets, reducing muscle/organ performance and producing pain.
  • Scars block critical blood circulation depriving the area of oxygen, cellular nutrition, and cellular metabolism
  • Scars block lymphatic drainage, elimination, and detoxification pathways. Undrained lymphatic fluid can contribute to pathogenesis.
  • Scars suppress nerve function causing numbness, pins-and-needles sensations, feelings of tingling, or burning.
  • Scars block electric/energetic flows through the meridian system, producing energy stagnation in the extremities.

The negative Physical impact of scars:

Long Term Redness and Nerve Damage
Nerve Damage and Adhesions

Imagine pain and stiffness every time you move.  Or total numbness due to nerve damage.

Pain and Disfuction

Everything he drank dripped down his chin.  It was completely aggravating.  It also hurt every time he smiled.

Discolored and Burned Skin Scar
Discoloration and Stress

She had both hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, and painful pulling on her skin every time she moved her hand.

Blocked Detoxification Pathways

She had cancer.  Now her detoxification pathways were blocked.  This is the last thing a cancer patient needs.

There is hope for people with scars:

With the Right Training

You Can Be Part of the Solution

If you:

What if you could...

Truly Improve the Appearance of Scars

These protocols, when properly performed, will improve the look and feel of scars.

Get Medical Referrals

The majority of our clients are direct referrals from the medical profession ~ and our protocols are so effective that even physicians are our clients!

Earn Thousands of Dollars

Even through the covid-19 pandemic we were able to bring in thousands of dollars of revenue with our Scar Revision procedures.

You Can Get Results Like These:

Laser Burn Scar Revision

Confidence and Freedom of Movement

Her skin is no longer thick, taught, and inflexible – and she’s no longer too embarrassed to wear sleeveless dresses!

Tummy Tuck Scar Revision

Results After Two Sessions

Far less visible scars – even after only one session. Her husband said, ” Wow! That sh!t really works!”

No More Pain When He Smiles

Zero Pain, full function of his lower lip, and “the scar tissue is gone” in his own words.

Breast Cancer Survivor Scar Revision

A Return to a More Normal Appearance

She no longer feels embarrassed about her breast surgery

Learn to Unleash the Body's Innate Healing Power

The three fundamental elements of our training

Skin Anatomy Model
The Skin

Understanding healthy skin functions can help you better understand the disfunction of scarred skin.

Scar on shoulder
The Scar

Understanding the type of scar will help you determine the best course of treatment.

Scar Assessment Service
The Service

Knowing what modalities and products to use, and when, is key to getting optimal results for your clients.

Here's what else you'll learn:

To give you confidence in every area.

Scar Revision Specialist
Earning Potential of Scar Revision


Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.  It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.


―Robin Sharma

Scar Revision Earning Potential

Pricing Your Services

When you know your cost per service you can insure that you're giving the client everything she needs and making sure you have all the supplies you need, and your services are profitable.

Tools & Supplies

We have group buys and shopping arrangements with suppliers to insure you have everything you need - and nothing you don't - when you're getting started.

Financial Goals

We talk about the money. We, as women, are not known to be good at this. We are expected, socially, to give more than we receive. But we have more to offer those around us when we earn a good living.

From March of 2020 to March of 2022 I brought in almost $37,000.00 from referrals for Scar Revision services from local clinics and hospitals.  I did zero advertising – this was all doctors, nurses, lymphedema specialists, and others referring clients to me.

It took me years to become established – because I had no idea what I was doing.  

If I had to start over today I would know exactly how to approach the medical profession.  

I show you exactly how to market your services so that you can start getting clients, fast.

I'm Victoria Knight

I have no special talent.  I am only passionately curious.”  ~ Albert Einstein

In 2007 I learned that scars could be camouflaged – but only partially, and only sometimes, but sometimes the results were amazing.  So I kept going.  I had to know how to get the best results.  I am passionately curious.  And this is personal for me.

My education includes Massage Therapy, Medical Massage, Oncology Massage, Advanced Aesthetics, Medical Aesthetics, Oncology Aesthetics, Lymphatic Drainage, a Master Microneedling Certificate, Permanent Cosmetics, Paramedical Micropigmentation . . .   And I’ve read and refer to all the books in that picture!  Geek!

As it is for so many people, I saw a problem and wanted to find a solution.  What I have learned is that scars can truly be improved and that my clients love their results.

If you’re called to do this work I want to help.

VK Office Books

The first mastectomy scars I saw were on a 29 year old woman named Rachel.

She was my Mother.  I was 8.

In 2007, when I learned that the appearance of scars could be  improved, I began researching, and doing, everything I possibly could to  help improve the scars my clients had. 

After nearly 15 years I have developed systems that get real results, far better than when I started.

I am hoping to teach what I have learned to like-minded people who want to get results, and to continue to contribute to this body of research.

Is this you?

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Millions of people have scars - and have thought there was nothing that could be done for them. This could be a great addition to your service menu; you could impact thousands of lives and earn well doing so.

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