If you're ready to take your clients from before to after

Our Scar Revision Online Training Could Be What You've Been Looking For.

Dramatic results after two scar revision sessions.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You would love to be able to really improve scars – but you’re not sure where to begin.

You’ve done some microneedling and tried scar camouflage but you’re just not getting the results you want.

You have a lot of clients who could use your help and you’re frustrated by your lack of skills.

Training at Your Location

If, after you’ve finished the Online Training Course, you still feel you need additional support, I can come to your location.

We will spend two full days together doing one of your clients in the morning and one of your clients in the afternoon.  Same for the second day.  However, the second afternoon can also be spent working on your marketing.

The goal is to make sure you can provide these procedures efficiently and effectively.  Also important is knowing how to set up your marketing.  

We cover that in class, but sometimes a little extra help is good.

I’m here to help.

We also offer Advanced Training To Learn Micropigmentation after you've performed Scar Revision

If you have never implanted pigment into the skin this is a skill that will require hands-on training.

These results were achieved with both scar revision and micropigmentation, also known as permanent make-up in this instance, after one session of each.

We did a second permanent lip color session and she is thrilled to have a full lower lip!


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The Scar Revision Academy is comprehensive.  If you want to start providing Scar Revision we give you all the tools, tips, and strategies.