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Important: first, if you are here then you are one of my people.  And since we’re going to be peers I will always be honest with you: if you do not have at least three full years of Permanent Cosmetic experience providing Permanent Eyebrows – all methods, Permanent Eyeliner – same, and Permanent Lip Color, ditto, then you are not ready to provide Areola Repigmentation and Scar Revision.

I love you, so I owe you the truth.  Get some experience and come back.  These beautiful women deserve your absolute best.  This takes experience.  Go out there, work your asz off, and come back.  We will be here.

With all my love,  Victoria  💖

Areola Artistry

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The Areola Artistry Course

Online Areola Drawing Course

Every time you pick up your instrument you run the risk of scar tissue and damage to the skin.  When you can draw, quickly, the areolas your client had, it is 100 times easier to replicate that in the skin.  You just have to train your eyes what to look for, and your hands to replicate her areolas in the skin.

If you are helping clients to recreate the appearance of their own natural areolas then you will be the artist they call.  You will be the person that the medical staff relies on to enhance their reconstruction with the natural look of the areolas your beautiful survivor had.  Don’t let another client pass through your doors without this skill.

The Scar Revision Online Academy

Step Two

When you're ready to take your clients from before to after

Our Scar Revision Online Training could be just what you're looking for . . .

The Transformations possible when you work with the body can be stunning.

Scar Camouflage Theory

A Companion Program to Our Hand's On Scar Revision Training

From Obvious to (nearly) Invisible

Understanding skin tones, undertones, necessary skin structure, and pigments, will help you to create a beautiful, even skin tones for your clients.

This is the Prerequisite Course for our Hands-On Scar Revision & Camouflage Course.

Hands-On Areola Repigmentation Training

Areola Repigmentation Hands-On Course

The best educational experiences  are in live, group, hands-on classes.  This is actually a well documented paradigm for learning.  It’s even better than one to one training.

This is a composite of several ‘before’ photos our client had of her areolas.  We show you how to put it all together.

Hands-On Scar Revision Training

From Obvious To (nearly) Invisible

Our Hands-On Course takes you through each step of Scar Revision to get the absolute best results for your clients. We show you how to make the procedure as effective and efficient as possible.

The Prerequisite Course for our Hands-On Scar Revision & Camouflage Course is the Scar Revision Online Course.

Training at Your Location

If you have a group of people who are interested in hands-on education I can come to you.

The goal is to make sure you can provide these procedures efficiently and effectively.  Also important is knowing how to get connected with the medical field and clients.  

We cover all of this in class, and sometimes a little extra help is good.

I’m here for you . . . or there for you, as it were, haha!


Does any of this sound familiar?

You would love to be able to really improve scars – but you’re not sure where to begin.

You’ve done some microneedling and tried scar camouflage but you’re just not getting the results you want.

You have a lot of clients who could use your help and you’re frustrated by your lack of skills.

Next let's show how easy it is
to do business with you.



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The Paramedical Micropigmentation  Academy is comprehensive.  If you want to start providing Scar Revision we give you all the tools, tips, and strategies.

Millions of people have scars - and have thought there was nothing that could be done for them. This could be a great addition to your service menu; you could impact thousands of lives and earn well doing so.

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