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Victoria Knight

Victoria Knight

I was 12 when I became a researcher. Now, when I want to know something I hit the books. When I find what I'm looking for and put everything together I share. Good stuff.

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Hi! I'm Victoria!

Yep, that’s me, Victoria Knight.  Perpetual Student, Research Afficionado, Aesthete, Incorrigible Optimist, Introvert, Crossword Fanatic, Artist, Feminist, Womanist . . .

And yes, I work in the Beauty Industry.  But I also went to college and grad school.  I was pre-med for a bit in undergrad.  I was just so frustrated that there was little in the way of progressive treatment for cancer patients that I couldn’t see myself adapting to the establishment.  I began to study alternative and natural treatments for cancer.  Why?  I have lost 5 family members to cancer.  I had a lump in my left breast.  Cancer has been a motivating factor in everything I do; it lead me to the career I have in Healthy Beauty.

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