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Over 100,000 women will have mastectomies . . .

One Hundred Thousand. That is a HUGE number of women. Women who will need help and care and comfort . . . Women who will want to know that there is light coming, that there are other women who care deeply waiting to help them on their journey . . .


Each year there are between 50 and 80 Million new scars formed . . .

Scars that leave people feeling disfigured, embarrassed, and even ashamed, leading to isolation, depression and difficulty engaging in social situations at work ~ even with friends and family.

Then there is the physical pain, restricted movement, numbness, blocked circulation and blocked elimination pathways that can lead to infection and necrosis.

Scar Revision Specialists can provide substantial improvement to help these people feel better and lead more fulfilling lives.

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The first mastectomy scars I saw were on a 29 year old woman named Rachel.

She was my Mother.  I was 8.
In 2007, when I learned that the appearance of scars could be dramatically improved, I began researching, and doing, everything that could help improve the scars my clients had – with great success.

About Victoria Knight

At age 11 I became a Researcher. 
I make jokes that if  you see me sitting in a chair looking out into space I’m working.  And it’s very much like that for me.  I do the work in my head.  I read.  I think.  I imagine.

Scars are like a puzzle to me.  A problem.  I’m looking for the pieces.  I have found quite a few ~ but I remain a student.  Areolas are a challenge in fine art.  I practice – just as any other artist, musician, or, for that matter, any person who works with her body, like an athlete.

Are you like this?  Perhaps you could also become a Contributor to a field where women will excel, for many reasons, not the least of which is that we care about the welfare and health of others.  We will also be the people more comfortable to work with; a vocation skewed in our favor not unlike massage therapy.

If you are fascinated and equally compelled to help people I’d love for you to join us in class.  You could really be a part of shaping the future of Paramedical Micropigmentation . . . 

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Truth: these courses aren’t for everyone.  It takes a certain type of person ~ a blend of scientist, caregiver, and artist ~ to excel at paramedical permanent cosmetic services.

At our Webinar we give you an introduction to Paramedical Micropigmentation that will help you decide if these services are a good addition to your service menu.

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Millions of people have scars - and have thought there was nothing that could be done for them. This could be a great addition to your service menu; you could impact thousands of lives and earn well doing so.

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